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[Super Smash Bros.] - Rosalina

Name: Rosalina
Gender: Female
Alignment: Heroine
Origin: Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)
Weight: Heavyweight
Run Speed: 2.85 / 5

First Jump:
- Rosalina will slowly leap upwards with her arms by her side and her eyes set upwards towards the sky. Her face is stoic and stagnant in deep concentration.
Second Jump:
- Rosalina will twirl with her arms extended upwards towards the sky. Her eyes are closed and a small smile graces her lips. She appears as if she were doing a graceful dance move.
Running Animation:
- Rosalina's run is slow and graceful, as if she were gliding across the floor. Her left arm swings along with her as her right hand clutches her brooch.
Idle Animation:
- Rosalina will stand with her left hand holding her wand and her right hand holding it apprehensively. Occasionally, she will brush back her hair and Polari will yawn loudly.
- Rosalina will float downwards onto the stage in a shimmering bubble of white light, similar to how she enters in Super Mario Galaxy, before opening her eyes and popping the bubble to enter her battle stance.

A: Slicing Horizon
- Rosalina swipes horizontally with her wand, creating a trail of light behind where she swipes her wand. The damage and knockback caused by this attack are minimal.
AA: Starfall
- Rosalina continues by bringing her wand down upon the head of any enemy directly in front of her, continuing making a magical trail of light. This time, the attack causes minimal damage but no knockback, opting instead to temporarily stagger an opponent.
AAA: Guiding Hand
- Rosalina brings her right hand up and pushes forwards, hitting her opponent for minor damage and pushing the enemy backwards until they either reach a ledge or another character. If they ram into another character, both characters will receive additional damage and fall as if they had tripped.
F+A: Luma Toss
- Rosalina will point her wand directly forward, commanding Polari to attack her opponents. Polari will stand in front of Rosalina and spin several times, similar to how Starfy acts as an Assist Trophy (although Polari is invincible). Nearby enemies will be slightly sucked into the spin.
D+A: Sweeping Star
- Rosalina will kick her legs around on both sides of her body, tripping any enemies that are hit by the attack. Causes only minimal damage.
U+A: Rainbow Arc
- Rosalina traces her wand in an upwards arc, creating a trail of rainbow light that slightly damages and traps enemies within it. If an enemy is caught within the light, Rosalina can use this attack again to stab upwards with her wand for moderate damage and knockback.
Dash Attack: Spinning Star
- Rosalina will throw her wand directly in front of her like a boomerang. The wand will travel a fair distance before returning to Rosalina. While the wand is out of her grasp, Rosalina's attack selection is limited. Unlike Link's Boomerang, the wand will continue moving across the stage even if it makes contact with an enemy.

F-Smash: Crystal Star
- Rosalina points her wand to the heavens before sticking it directly in front of her. As she points outwards, a crystal containing multiple Star Bits inside of it crashes into the ground directly in front of Rosalina. Upon shattering, the crystal releases Star Bits that can either be used as healing (like Food) or as damaging projectiles. Getting hit by the crystal causes massive damage and moderate knockback.
D-Smash: Star Festival
- Rosalina points her wand upwards, summoning a collection of Star Bits to rain down around her. As the Star Bits are falling, they will cause minor damage and no knockback. Once they land on the stage, they act like Chansey's eggs from Melee-- they will either heal you or act as damaging projectiles.
U-Smash: Pull Star
- A Pull Star appears around Rosalina and launches her upwards, like a missile. If pulled into Rosalina's onslaught, the enemy will suffer continuous damage before being knocked away with one final flourish.

Air A: Purge
- Rosalina clenches her hand in front of her chest for a moment, as if in prayer, before releasing a burst of heavenly light around her, causing moderate damage and minor knockback.
Air F+A: Side Spin
- Rosalina performs a horizontal version of both her Luma Spin and Luma Toss, spinning to the side with Polari orbiting around her. The spin draws opponents into it before knocking them away with a circular shockwave.
Air D+A: Glass Slipper
- Rosalina kicks directly beneath her with her shoes, knocking opponents directly downwards and causing minor damage. If hit by the heel of her shoe, the attack will act like a Meteor Smash.
Air U+A: Cosmic Orbit
- Rosalina raises her wand above her and rapidly twirls it in her hand, releasing waves of magic around her. Throughout the duration of this attack, Rosalina will stay stationary in the air.

Grab Method:
- Rosalina will send Polari out to grab the opponent and hold them in place.
Grab Attack:
- Rosalina will alternate between using her Slicing Horizon and Starfall attacks.
F-Throw: Rainbow Break
- Rosalina will imprison the opponent in rainbow light and then smack them with the tip of her wand, as if she was attacking with a fully charged Home Run Bat. The opponent will suffer minor damage but be knocked back a great distance.
D-Throw: Luma Slam
- Polari will lift the opponent into the air and then slam them into the ground, continually drilling them with his head. This attack causes moderate damage and traps the enemy in the ground, as a Pitfall seed would.
B-Throw: Wheel of Judgment
- Polari shoves the opponent behind Rosalina who throws her Star Wand like a boomerang, similar to her Spinning Star attack. If hit by the tip of her wand, the attack will cause a significant amount of damage.
U-Throw: Star Stream
- Polari will chuck the opponent upwards above Rosalina, who proceeds to fire a string of damaging Star Bits directly above her. This attack is extremely weak and causes almost no knockback.

B: Blazing Comet
-Rosalina begins to rapidly twirl her baton, causing a luminescent blue light to glow from the tip. The "B" button must be rapidly pressed as Rosalina begins to conjure a comet from her wand. The number of button presses determines the size and power of the comet itself. The comet can drag the opponent with it as it travels, causing continuous damage, before it eventually fades away.

^B: Luma Spin
-Rosalina performs a simple spin upwards with the assistance of her personal Luma, Polari. As Rosalina spins in the air, a shockwave is sent out around her, knocking the enemy backwards a bit and causing weak damage. Moderate recovery, but a poor offensive move.

>B: Cosmic Spirit
-A ghostly apparition walks in a straight path in front of Rosalina. If the ghost comes in contact with an enemy, it will possess them, causing moderate damage and causing them to be stunned temporarily. A perfect set-up move for one of Rosalina's more powerful attacks that require some start-up, like Blazing Comet.

/B: Starlight Shield
-Rosalina leaps slightly upwards into the air and releases a force field around her that knocks enemies away and deflects all projectiles. This attack works well for getting enemies away from Rosalina and giving her a bit of an extra boost in the air in addition to her Luma Spin.

Final Smash: Big Bang
-Rosalina calls Polari, who selflessly sacrifices himself to create a giant black hole in the center of the stage. Opponents are slowly sucked into the vortex, no matter how far away they are. Any enemy caught within the vortex are struck several time for electrical damage and send flying from the final explosion. Although Rosalina is invincible throughout the duration of this attack, she is unable to move or perform any other attacks.

Taunt 1:
- Rosalina will grab one edge of her dress and spin slowly in a circle while laughing, similar to her pose upon being selected in Mario Kart Wii.
Taunt 2:
- Polari will strike a heroic pose, causing Rosalina to laugh and pat him gently on the head.
Taunt 3:
- Rosalina will pull out her storybook and begin thumbing through the pages as Polari peeks over her shoulder.

Main Colors: Turquoise dress, topaz, silver jewelry
Alt Colors 1: Scarlet dress, ruby, silver jewelry
Alt Colors 2: Light green dress, topaz, silver jewelry
Alt Colors 3: Golden dress, diamond, platinum jewelry
Alt Colors 4: Pink dress, sapphire, silver jewelry
Alt Colors 5: Violet dress, amethyst, silver jewelry
Additional Costume: Motorbike Gear (Mario Kart Wii)

Kirby Hat:
- Kirby gains Rosalina's tiara, hair and wand, along with the ability to perform her Blazing Comet attack.

Victory 1:
- Rosalina will brush back her bangs and laugh softly as Polari claps and cheers beside her.
Victory 2:
- Rosalina will mimic the movement she makes during Rainbow Arc and call tiny glittering stars to fall down in front of her and dance around her, causing Polari to watch wide-eyed.
Victory 3:
- Rosalina will trace a random shape with her wand, leaving behind a trail of sparkles to illustrate her tracing. The shapes can be a star, the Mario "M" or a heart (causing Polari to blush).
This is my moveset for Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy if she were to be in Super Smash Bros 4.

This was actually requested (well...sorta) by Requiem-of-Forest. We were discussing what characters should be in the next Smash Bros game and I suggested Rosalina, but he didn't know how she would fight. So, I told him I'd make a sample moveset for him :) and here it is!!

This honestly isn't my best work, but it was just for fun and I did it real quick just an example of what could be done for Rosalina's moveset. I may revamp it later, or at least some moves.

I drew inspiration mostly from the unique features in Super Mario Galaxy and SMG2. I also drew some inspiration from various things in space, like comets and shooting stars and whatnot. And then I just made up random other things XP
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Gwifitz Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013
Congratulation mister oracle!
AuraWielder Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
...And now she's confirmed two years later after this is made.
DaNintendoArts Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012  Student General Artist
I was thinking her final smash would be the Comet Observatory in the background and Lumas crashing onto the stage like Palutena's army, but the black hole is good. I would think Rosaina would float above the black hole in a bubble like the one that goes around the Comet Observatory when it flies.
Gojira123 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2012
This is good. I'm hoping that she'll be in Super Smash Bros. 4
D-idara Featured By Owner May 31, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Loving this C:

It's really neat and well-presented, besides, the moves are original, just one little question: Is the Final Smash similar to SMG's ending sequence? I mean, a Final Destination-esque background with stars flying all around?
MrGreen9L Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2012
This is really cool! I really like the Cosmic Spirit move. I hope she actually makes it into the game. :D
Requiem-of-Forest Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2011
I finished my first one. It's a rough draft, I'm gonna try to make mine as comprehensive as yours :P
Requiem-of-Forest Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2011
wow, this is excellent! great job! I think I'm going to start working on a moveset for the characters in my wishlist. =D
follyoftheforbidden Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2011
Thank you so much!! :D I'd love to see more people making movesets on deviantart-- they're so much fun and everyone always has such great ideas for characters. If you finish one, tell me and I'll take a look!
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