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[Super Smash Bros.] - Tiny Kong

Name: Tiny Kong
Gender: Female
Alignment: Hero
Origin: Donkey Kong 64
Weight: Lightweight / Mediumweight
Run Speed: 4.5 / 5 OR 3.45/5

First Jump:
- Tiny springs upwards with her hand extended towards the sky. When she initially jumps, she yells "Woohoo!"
Second Jump:
- Tiny flips forward (or backwards, depending on the direction) in midair.
Running Animation:
- While in her New Gen form, Tiny seems to glide across the stage, moving effortlessly and always smirking confidently at her opponents. While in her Retro form, Tiny skips as a little girl would and always bears a big grin.
Idle Animation:
- While in her New Gen form, Tiny stands with her fists raised and a smirk spread across her face. After waiting, she will stretch her back or stand with her hands on her hips. While in her Retro form, she simply sways her arms and occasionally absently play with her ponytails.
- Tiny flips onto the stage from off-screen, while letting out a high-pitched "Woohoo!"

A: Braid Bash
- Tiny whips her head to the left, causing her left ponytail to whip out in front of her, smacking the enemy away.
AA: Whiplash
- Tiny quickly twists her head to the right, mimicking her Braid Bash but with her right ponytail instead of her left.
AAA: Headbutt
- Tiny lunged forward and bashes the opponent with her head, causing minor damage and moderate knockback. However, if the attack is successful, Tiny will clutch her head and become dizzy for a few seconds.
F+A: Front Flip
- Tiny will flip forwards with her feet first before switching to a heel drop in midair. If an enemy is hit by her foot when she performs a heel drop, they will be stuck in the ground, as if they had been hit by a Pitfall.
D+A: Dirty Dancing
- Tiny will kick her feet around her, tripping enemies, before repeatedly kicking her feet upwards into the air like a drill, causing multiple hits for minor damage.
U+A: Back Flip
- Tiny will kick upwards with her feet, flipping backwards, before plummeting downwards with her foot on a diagonal angle.
Dash Attack: Sneak 'n Slide
- Tiny slides forward along the ground, tripping and slightly damaging any enemy she comes in contact with while sliding. As she gets up, she twirls her feet around her for another chance of an attack and leaps back to her feet.

F-Smash: Double Dash
- Tiny will spin forwards across the stage, lashing out with her ponytails as she spins, before ending her spin with one final punch that sends opponents flying.
D-Smash: Breakdancing
- Tiny will stand on her hands and kick her feet in a circle around her, drawing enemies into the torrent of kicks, before launching them away with one powerful kick with both feet in the direction she was initially facing.
U-Smash: Triple Threat
- Tiny will wind her fist behind her back, similar to DK's Primate Punch, before launching upwards in an uppercut. However, the uppercut serves a different purpose-- if Tiny catches an opponent with the uppercut, she will leap backwards off of their body and fire three special high-powered darts at them from her Feather Bow.

Air A: Kong Fu
- Tiny kicks directly in front of her with a simple sex kick, followed up by another roundhouse kick in midair.
Air F+A: Kong Chop
- Tiny swipes downwards with an enlarged palm, followed by a horizontal slice with her palm if the previous attack connects.
Air D+A: Drill Dive
- Tiny spins rapidly in a circle and begins diving downwards, drawing enemies into the shockwave caused by her spinning feet. The attack stops after a few moments, similar to Meta-Knight's Side Special.
Air U+A: Triple Kick
- Tiny flips upside down and kicks three consecutive times in the air. If Tiny hits the ground while still flipped upside down, she will act as if she tripped, rub her head and suffer a minor 1% damage.

Grab Method: Ponytail Grapple
- Tiny will whip both ponytails in front of her to grab any enemies and drag them back to her.
Grab Attack: Gut Punch
- Tiny will repeatedly beat the opponent in the gut for minor damage.
F-Throw: Rapid Fire
- Tiny chucks the opponent forwards before rapidly firing a set of darts from her Feather Bow.
D-Throw: Ground Pound
- Tiny slams the opponent against the ground before performing a simple Ground Pound, stunning them for several seconds afterwards.
B-Throw: Drill Dozer
- Tiny throws the opponent behind her before executing a series of rapid-fire kicks, before one final, powerful roundhouse kick.
U-Throw: Jitterbug
- Tiny tosses the enemy above her before performing a ground version of her Triple Kick, causing much more knockback with the final hit.

B: Feather Bow
- Tiny will take out her Feather Bow and is able to launch tiny feather darts directly in front of her. Each dart causes a small amount of damage and stuns the opponent temporarily. Occasionally, a poison dart will be shot instead. Tiny is able to move while using this attack and will keep the bow out until another attack is used.

D+B: Growth Spurt
- Tiny will shift between her classic DK64 form and her New Generation form. Her retro form causes her to be faster and smaller, but her attack power is drastically reduced. Her New Gen form causes her to have average speed, a higher jump and a much higher attack power.

F+B: Simian Slam
- Tiny leaps upwards and then slams the ground, sending out several shockwaves around her. If hit by Tiny's head, the opponent will be buried in the ground (a la Pitfall Seeds). The shockwaves push opponents backwards but cause no damage, similar to Isaac's Move.

U+B: Ponytail Whirl
- If used on the ground, Tiny will begin rapidly spinning in place with her ponytails before slowly being lifted on the ground, able to move in any direction she wishes. If used in midair, she slowly drifts upwards while twirling her ponytails. While flying, it is difficult to control Tiny but the move possesses high vertical and horizontal recovery.

Final Smash: Saxophone Slam
- Tiny begins obnoxiously playing her Saxophone, releasing sound waves around her that send the enemy flying, in a similar manner to Barbara the Bat. Tiny, unlike DK and Barbara, has the ability to move while using this move and can play different notes (caused by pressing different buttons on the remote) for different effects.

Taunt 1:
- Tiny pops a banana into her mouth, quickly eating it, before throwing away the Banana Peel. Once finished, a Banana Peel appears behind her as an actual item, even if Items are turned off.
Taunt 2:
- Tiny breaks out into a random dance move, whether it be new or old (ie. Running Man, Jerk, Dougie, etc.)
Taunt 3:
- A Banana Fairy flies around Tiny before hitting her in the face and flying off before Tiny can squash it.

Kirby Hat:
- Kirby dons Tiny's beanie and ponytails and gains the ability to use her Feather Bow.

Victory 1:
- Tiny performs a modified version of her Breakdance, before spinning around on the floor and striking a pose with a satisfied smirk on her face.
Victory 2:
- Tiny cartwheels several times across the screen before stopping and clutching her head as dizzying stars appear around her.
Victory 3:
- Tiny walks in confidently, before accidentally slipping on a Banana Peel. As she slips and falls on the ground, the Banana Peel lands on top of her head and she glares at the screen.
This is my moveset for Tiny Kong from Donkey Kong if she were to be in Super Smash Bros 4!!

This was probably the moveset I had the most fun with, to be honest. Mostly because I completely made up 99% of it XP well, you gotta admit, Tiny doesn't have a whole lot unique to her.

As for where inspiration came from, the basic gimmick I had for her was the fact that she could change her size in DK64 and her redesign in newer games. This way, I could switch her forms from her old appearance to her new ones and keep all fans happy :)

As you noticed, most of the moves are different dances. Honestly, I don't really remember why I chose that for her. Part of it probably came from all the dancing in the DK Rap. Besides that, her adult form looks like she'd be a dancer and I wanted to make a Dancer i chose her lol

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